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The range is believed to be a part of land purchased by the City of Warwick at a foreclosure sale on March 28, 1925. The use of the land was shaped by handshakes and verbal agreements.


The Wawick Police Range Activities Committee (WRAC) was founded in 1925 by Warwick Police Chief Forrest Sprague and Dog Officer Arthur Tripp. The range was located where it is now, though prior to the founding of the WRAC the location was also used for firearms training by the Warwick Police Department. At that time, there was also a firearms training program for children on Saturdays using BB guns.

Prior to 1945, there wasn't a building structure on the property. Chief Sprague and Officer Tripp located and procured an existing wooden building in Cranston to be moved and placed on the property. The building was cut in half, placed on a flatbed truck and transported to the site. There it was placed and remained until a fire destroyed it around 1970-71.



At that time, the city used a combination of insurance payments and donations of time and materials to reconstruct the building that we have now. Local businesses such as RI Cesspool, Bowerman Brothers and Cinder Products provided things such as heavy equipment, steel girders, roofing materials and cinder blocks.

Today, the range exists and is maintained through joint participation by the Warwick Police Department and the WRAC. The Junior Rifle Program and the Sunday Public Shooting programs are staffed by WRAC volunteers.

Through this support, the Warwick Police Range provides a safe, welcoming environment for local shooters to learn and practice their skills, no matter their experience level. The range is known for its friendly, social environment, and the NRA-certified range instructors are always available to help with shooting tips, advice and safety.

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